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In my carriere of always assisting others to grow and live their dreams, I sometimes forget myself and loose my style.


I have style – , but it happens that I really fall into the traps – I buy pieces of clothings because I like them in the moment I see them, and sometimes I mix things horribly together



There is also a little default I need to do something about, I keep sticking to clothings that are more than 3 years old.


I have pants and boots which are more than 5 years, and they are still duable due to their quality and due to my master-in-shoe-guy at the central station in CPH. But it is getting kind of a habbit -to keep clothings that have already done their duty. Maybe it is my let-us-save-the-environment attitude that comes into play. I really need to do sth about it, becuase it happens that I can spend twenty minutes on thinking of what to wear and end up with sth I’m actually not sure whether is good anymore or even worse I feel borring and downgraded… common I’m 35 should I not have learned that yet ?


And that is why I was thinking of you out there. Maybe you could help me find new pieces to my wardrobe so I – instead of hating my closet – cannot wait to opening it in the morning to wear all the new pieces 4 love that I’ve got.


I am quite sticky when it comes to buying my clothes. I prefere to know the whole story behind the product. I need to know that all living member of the supply-chain are respected persons and animals who would only be treated as you would treat your kids. Furthermore it would be lovely if there was no pollution at all when producing – but okey… who can shit with out leaving a track ?


But all in all I like to spend my money on pieces made by Love and with respect for nature and living creatures =)


Please join me here on my blog or on facebook


The next two months I will collect all your advices and try to buy the products for my wardrobe so I can give my self the perfect style for Christmas.


I will upload a small film and single pictures of my  pieces 4 love.

I would like to get your opinion: should I keep them or not?

And any suggestion in how I eventually can replace them is welcomed.



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3 thoughts on “Help Me Find My Style

  1. Anna, we do really feel the same with the eco and social problematiks of clothes. The solution I found has been to organize regularly, 2 to 3 times a year, a swap clothes with my friends, in order to get a new wardrobe without consuming, sharing a very good moment with your friends, and giving a new life to clothes. It is 6 years now that I have not been buying any clothes and I am really happy with my wardrobe, on a swap you find clothes that you maybe would not have bought and that actually really suit you. Now Elements do organize this swaps in a bar in Verbier so everybody can join!

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