How many times can we start over in life?

When I was a little girl I had a dream of a life in flow, where I grew and was my life develop as prescribed as normal.

Education, job, marriage, kids, retirement, death.

Instead I got a life filled up with different kind of violence… and I have experienced several sudden changes in life that made me realize that I would never live a so called normal life.

I believe that is why I’ve opened the Lounge – go with the flow be happy and glow. Because no matter what I’ve experienced I’ve always tried to be happy and positive. And I know many tricks to a great mindset.

Later I realized that being with people who hide information and lie to me about my relations is the worst kind of violence, because when staying with these kind of people, I never got out of my bad role. Reacting to people lies and hidden information in front of them. To their face.

These kinds of revelations can bring really rough reactions with them.

I have been yelled at that I should go to the doctor and get a fix from my brain disease. I have been called weak, ugly, lazy, pathetic, stupid, bad educated.

I have even been asked to go to the doctor’s to get a diagnose so that I could get the help I needed.

But the thing is, people give me these kinds of reaction when I tell them they bully me or they lie.

They react with their sort of violence and I either leave or defend myself.

I have even sit in a car with my 7 year old baby, we were both on the backseat and the driver yelled at me for more than 5 minutes.

I started yelling after asking the driver several times to stop.

Then I asked to get of the car and he denied. I called the police, they wouldn’t help.

I had to spend 5 more hours with this person until he finally drove me home.


How do I keep smiling?

I see that what they do is on their account.

And then I reinvent my life again.

I treasure my values and I do my routines that makes me strong and mindful about my own life.

But when not knowing about my values many years ago I took some choices that made my journey even longer and maybe also more hurtful.

But I dont regret.

And I know that I can reinvent my life even if it is tuff.

Did you start all over and reinvented yourself.

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4 thoughts on “How many times can we start over in life?

  1. I have asked myself that question many times, especially lately as I’m turning a leaf and starting over after 8 years at the same workplace. It’s hard and weird, but a good weird because it gives me a chance to find myself ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Thanks for the lucky wishes❤️❤️❤️
    Thank you for sharing and support 🌸🌸

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