Values – do you know your own?

Life Values

Values plays a big role in how we live our life,

values are the principles and standards of behaviour;
of what is important in life.

From what you spend your time on doing – is where you
create your future.

This is why it is so important to know ones values in order
to create the life that make you happy.

I actually didn’t know that when I was 20.

I started to hang out with people with whom
I had one interest in common.

But there was a lot of situations where we didn’t
have the same values. But I sticked to that group,
and I actually had a lot of conflicts, just because …

we didn’t have the same values.

Furthermore I was grown up with a
lot of discussions about whether my
values and wishes was justified.

Of course
all wishes and values cannot be met,
but at least they can be listened to and acknowledged.

Sometimes when we are told something several times
we start believing in it, specially when we are children
and trust with our hearts the primary care person/s
in our life.

I didn’t know that I had to live
by my values in order to create a life based on what I like.

So instead of going all in
– creating my life on my own values,
I kept created a life based on other people’s values.

So actually I was never happy deep down, only ok.

Maybe sometimes I got a little insane because my
inner voice told me something but my inner pleaser
wanted me to do something else.

And for many years I struggled between
pleasing other people
and figuring out how to be happy myself.

When I look back at my life 20 years ago, I had an idea
of what my values were.

But I got so confused,
because I had difficulties in finding the crowd
where I felt I belong.

I was a little a ahead with my values.

I wanted clean water, clean air and clean food.

And in the peak of the 90’ies and the 00’es these
were not common values.

I tried olive after the values of the capitalism
and the consumerism.

But little were I happy.

When I became a mum I had to go back
and remember my values in order to create

a perfect balance between my own values

and the values of my son.

It wasn’t easy and I am still working on it.

But I am doing it and I am changing.

This time deliberately.

And I like it.

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Life Change

ps. I am a little late with this post, but I am trying to go with the flow, and not demand to much of myself, the astrological aspects suggests to take everything easy. And my life gets easier when I flow with the energies around us.

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2 thoughts on “Values – do you know your own?

  1. What a lovely post ❤️
    And a great reminder in these times as some people aren’t respecting others.

    My values becomes blurry from time to time as ego society torpedos in a cloud of me, me, me. 😔

    1. Thank you so much My Lovely MarieCherrie ❤ And what you are writing is So true. We are all so different and want to be respected and it always begins from oneself. Starting with our own values respecting the values of the others at the same time ❤

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