The best summer ever – even if the world has changed

Change Life

We can all have it,

the best summer ever, even if the world has changed.

The important is not Change itself,

it’s about how we deal with change.

If we look up change in the dictionary it means:

So change can either be something we do ourself

or change can be something

that is changed from the outside.

Sometimes we change,

sometimes the circumstances we live in change.

Life can change from a moment to another –

in this case it is difficult to prepare for the change.

But still if you know how to deal with change –

it becomes easier to deal with it and go with the change.

If you have to move then it is a good example of

where you can be able to prepare for a change.

In this period of our lifetime the circumstances changed…

So we are forced to change the way we live,

even if we don’t want it to.

Some of us are not aloud to travel yet

some of us don’t have the money because we couldn’t work

some of us have to change our way of living and working.

So how to get the best summer ever?

As I point out in my Free Summer Camp

You can embrace change

and empower yourself in the change

by knowing the steps of how to deal with it.

Accepting and acknowledging

that the situation has changed are some of the first steps.

Combining mental exercises with practical exercises

can help us through the process of change.

And when I studied these different practices I



isn’t we taught about

how to prepare for certain life situations?

How do we tackle the loss of a family member?

How de we tackle long term disease?

How do we tackle if we get fired?

In my own life I have changed direction so many

times that I don’t even recall them all.

Some of the changes was deliberate –

when I left a relation after many many years.

Other changes were not deliberate –

when a roomie started a fire in my apartment.

Some of the changes I handled really well, and some

I didn’t handle that well.

And when I started studying how change and loss

actually can affect human beings I was sure about

having to share the knowledge.

Find it here –> And get the best summer ever <3

Thanks for reading

With Love

Anna Ulrike
Piece 4 Love

PS. Remember there is no fee for getting the best summer ever-


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