3 lists that help you find your inner talents

find your inner talents

A post about finding your inner talents

Sorry for spamming with posts, but I have joined this fantabulous blogchallenge by Jeff Goins,
tjeck it out here

And I know I ow you a post about Marie,
my absolutely gorgeous blog partner in crime, and I am working on it…
but I have to give Marie a more than fair presentation due to her kindness and helpfulness

So … back to theme of the day : the Blog Challenge…. tada…..

The challenge is to make lists – and hello mam – did I made some lists in my life, hohoho

I made so many lists that I realized that the lists could help me find my inner talents and
figure out what to do with my life. These lists helped me out when I was the most sadest,
(read that story here)

This means that this text is for you who:

  • Have difficulties in figuring out what your biggest talents are
  • Have hard time figuring out what to do in life
  • Always get tired of your work after short time

I have been there myself,

  • Never satisfied with what I was doing
  • Never knowing exactly what to do with my life

Not because I did not do anything, I have always had a job, but because I always felt some kind of lack…

Until I started my own business, but that is another story, today
it is about how you can use these three lists to find your inner talents & figure out
what to do with your life and be happy at the same time.

How to do:

Grab a piece of paper and make 3 columns

  1.  In the first column you list the good experiences you have had in your life
  2.  In the second column you write down what made you smile in each of the experiences from the first column
  3.  In the third column you write down which role you played in order to enjoy these experiences

Now you have 3 columns

√ the first listing the good experiences in your life

√ the second listing what makes you happy

√ the third lists the things you are good at

And now it is up to you to start working with these lists and
see how you can combine what makes you happy and what you are good at.
And it is the process of studying yourself you find your inner talents.

Your skills are to be found in the third column describing your role in each of the good experiences you had.

Your motivation is to be found in the second column describing what makes you happy.

Now do your best to find your inner talents.

If you have questions or difficulties working with the lists,
upload a picture of your 3 columns as a comment, and I can guide you further.

Please share this to everybody you know have difficulties in figuring out their inner talent
and what do in life.

Thank you so much for reading.

And next post I promise will be about Marie, my partner in crime <3

your talents are your pieces 4 love in your life <3


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