5 Reasons Why Home Made Decor makes me Happy

I do have a thing for home made decor.

Home Made Decor

This decor is made by a former colleague Malene.

She made a post on facebook post about it,

and I thought:

Hey why not make a little tribute

to home made decor.

The reasons why I love home made decor are simply:

 Home made decor is

  •  unique
  • difficult to copy
  • made for the room
  • personal
  • craftsmanship

I have home made decor myself, made for my windows

and I use them for Christmas….

and they are more than 10 years old

Home Made Decor Pearls

They still make me happy,

they fit my rooms, my style

they are the one and only

and I made them.

If you have any decor you made yourself

or if you have any decor you really loooove

Please Show it to me

Then I know it is not only Marie, my former colleague & me

who love Home Made decor

Just post it here or send it to


Look Good & Save the World

remember to save your self first

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