Why buy ? When you can borrow!

Borrow instead of Buy

This post is dedicated to friends who let you borrow their pieces because

they do not use that piece anymore. It can be a shirt, a jewelry or in this

post it is a bag.

Actually it is because me and Marie (cowriter on piece 4 love) has borrowed something from one and another.

She borrowed my briefcase from Carlend and I borrowed her bag from

Mandarina Duck.

And I just love this bag. First of all, it is not quite mine, so I take extra

good care of it. I know Marie takes good care of my Carlend piece.


Borrowing things from one another –
is good for the earth.


So it is good for the long lasting live cycles to borrow things from

one another. It is responsible behavior.

The other good thing is, that the bags are not hiding somewhere,

collecting dust. It is in use, and that is what pieces are for.

The last good thing is that when I do not use the piece anymore

I just give it back to Marie. And if I need the briefcase from Carlend for

a given occasion I just call Marie.

You save money, and you save production every time you reuse a piece

or let other people use it for you. Saving your things in your wardrobe

just make them fade and look strange. Trust me…
if you do not, have a look here 

Saving the world is a big quest, but by doing little efforts everyday

it is possible. And it makes us look good.

Whether or not you would like to borrow out your stuff or borrow from

other, just rethink before you buy… maybe you already do have one thing

in your wardrobe that fulfill your momental need.


Use or things or let other…..

Look Good, Save the World and be a Piece 4 Love 4 Life


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Well, this is actually not about me, it is about you. I want you to know that there is only one of you, you are needed and you have special skills that no-one else have. Remember that, please <3 Let's connect on Instagram

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