Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution this clothes


One of the reasons I started this blog 3 years ago was to promote responsible fashion


to show all my tips & tricks for using, reusing and recycling accessories.

But I am an impulsive person & I’ve also realized that it is quite difficult to change the world

if you do not feel well. Read about how I realized that I did not feel well & why I had difficulties

accomplishing my inner dreams in this blogpost.

But now I feel better I’m ready to fight for people’s working right and responsible fashion.

This post is about the Fashion Revolution that literally started today.

Well it started when big brands started taking advantages of the poor countries working conditions.

But it has really just started today to become a part of people’s minds:

We have to buy with responsible consciousness, not only for the saving of the nature, but definitely

for mankind.

Take a picture with your clothing reversed and tag the company & ask them: who made my clothes?

#fashrev #whomademyclothes

Get more info at Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution

My suit is an old thing from Banana Republic, I got it from a friend 4 years ago,

and she bought it a couple of years from a 2nd hand shop while traveling in the US.

I did not know Banana republic before, but now I know, that it is an American Brand,

and that they often produce their clothing in the US… but well. We never know… do we?

I know that I do my best to keep my clothing for a long time, and I hope you do the same.

Big hugs

& plenty of pieces 4 love


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