I do not do CSR I am CSR

And why now these big words?

Because I have been Corporate Social Responsible since my childhood. I couldn’t watch a movie without thinking…

‘Did they clean up the ocean properly after that explosion?’
‘How much did that car race pollute?’
‘Did all workers get a good salary’

So imagine how f….d up it is to watch a movie in my body.

Or even worse… every time I used water, I couldn’t help of thinking how the fish would react to all the many products that I used for washing dishes, clothing and my body.

So for a long time I did not think that I deserved to look good because I wanted to save the world… I felt I could not shop, or I couldn’t wish for luxury.

But luckily I have now a more calm feeling about the interaction of nature, humans and animals.

I think it is ok to buy things but I am responsible when I buy new clothings, accessories, New devices and when I buy food. I use my old towels for every kind of cleaning. Cutting them up and washing them after use until they do not work anymore. That makes not only save money, but also save the environment for a lot of nonsense.
So find your way if you also feel stressed about to many nonsense products or follow me.
Thanks for reading my blog.
Let me know if you have any advices or good examples of highly useful tips or pieces 4 love that makes life beautiful and easy to live…So we can look good & save the world at the same time.

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Second hand leather jacket, 4 years old hat, 7 years old boots and organic cotton skirt and leggings. From last year.

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