I said it before to you – now I do it myself

Do what I can with what I got where I am.
What do I want to do now my life took a turnover?
Well to be honest I don’t know.
So I stick to what I have & what I know.


…hehe. The closet is far from what I got. But last time I was not sure about my life, I started out by cleaning my clothes, my accessories, my books & that really helped me out.
Tomorrow I start up a new project with two really clever ladies.The next six weeks I’ll be teaching a group of young people in how to find their inner talents and how to do something about these talents.
I am really excited and if you noticed my post from two days ago you’ll know that one of the thing I’ll show them is how to breath. Another thing I will tell them about is the two choices we as humans have.
I’ll tell you more about that in another post.
For now my choice is on how my own homely surroundings, can benefit myself in living the happy life that everyone should live.

These are my working books or they work for me now. The small note books  are for each customer I work for. That makes me happy. So I know I’ll keep them….


If you have a good tip on how to get back on track after a turnover, let me know.
Thanks for reading, liking & following . That makes me so happy… And you should see my reaction when I get a comment.

Remember you are your most important piece 4 love in life.


PS. If you are wondering why Marie is not sending her greetings, it is just because she is in New York.

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