Sometimes I feel so vulnerable

Some times ago I had difficulties in showing I was vulnerable. I wanted to be strong and ready for action. Or did I wanted to be like that or was it just a habit. A habit of what I’ve learned a habit of what I was use to hear. The words that created my reality. Continue reading “Sometimes I feel so vulnerable”

Inspirational quotes…follow my heart..

I love them. Inspirational quotes. They make me stronger. They make me smile. They make me understand more about life. Inspirational quotes are pieces 4 love that makes my life more beautiful because they make me smile and they make my life easier because they give me advices and learnings I can use. A goodContinue reading “Inspirational quotes…follow my heart..”

The light at the end of the bridge

Wouldn’t it just be nice to find that special light? That light that makes me wake up in the morning ready for a new day. Ready as in smiling, doing things that I love and being with people I love. That light that makes me see a reason for life being. That light that makesContinue reading “The light at the end of the bridge”

From To day I do things differently

How many times did I say that to my self? I mean. How many times did I say to my self I will not do that? So from today.  Right now or even better..From the moment I wrote the title. From now I do things differently. I’ll do it tomorrow! Is dead. I’ll do itContinue reading “From To day I do things differently”