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The cheating look

Sometimes look cheats.
Or .. a lot of times look cheats.

I know. And as I said before I could choose to be a victim….this time….of the cheating look…

The look that makes you look strong, satisfied, self confident and happy.

That look I have. But nobody ever told me that.
And for many years I was treated as the strong person who would be able to take everything and I played the game everyday…and every night I cried my self to sleep. Because even if I look good, confident and strong. I have also my weak sides.  But …
When I tried to ask for help I was met with sentences as:

You look so good you shouldn’t

You are so strong why be sad?
You should be able to handle it?

Or even worse… If I said something in a serious tone. .. I would often be accused of being angry or arrogant. Just because of my look.
And so…for many years I didn’t ask for help, I didn’t said the truth about who I actually was and how I felt. I was afraid of having to discuss what I felt inside.

When I was 33 years old I saw a video of my self making a speech. And when I saw that I realize how much power I have just by my look… but nobody ever told me. Nobody!

In relationship my boyfriends became jealous on how I look at people and how I talk to people. My look makes me seem interested in every little human being. So in the end.   I didn’t dare look up because I was afraid of being accused of flirting.
Finally …finally I’ve realize that I have to get away from people who treats me because of who I look instead of who I am and what I say.
And it is working.
But always remember that the girl who looks strong and good…maybe also is just as sad as you are.
Look cheats…  remember that.

Piece 4 Love



The light at the end of the bridge


Wouldn’t it just be nice to find that special light?
That light that makes me wake up in the morning ready for a new day.
Ready as in smiling, doing things that I love and being with people I love.

That light that makes me see a reason for life being.
That light that makes me satisfied.
That feeling of being me and being satisfied.
When I am really strong it is no problem. When I am really weak it is a lot more difficult. ..
But somehow I manage.
I do cry.
But even after a divorce, a fire in my house and other situations that have made me really sad this year.
I still see that light.
And I think it shines from inside me. And then I follow where the rayon light shines right back at me… and gives me that feeling of satisfaction and calmness of myself and life.
And it is the small things. Comments on Instagram, Facebook, my blog, my friend who laughs when watching a movie, my sister who calls me for a chit chat. These small things and many other make my light shine even more. Specially in bad periods. But the light inside me always shines. And so does yours…
Recognize it. Embrace it. Live it.

Piece 4 Love


Shit happens

Yes it does. Some shit is bigger than other… when a house burns and all stuff get ruin by fire and smoke it is really big shit.
And the big shit happened yesterday in my apartment.

Around 14:50 a candle light took fire in a jacket in my roomy’s room while she was in the kitchen. And when she opened the door back into her room, fire and smoke met her with so much power that she was not able to see where she was. Luckily she managed to reach the door and get out before breathing.
I was in the yard with my friend Christina and I heard a girl scream on the road, so I went out and saw people look up with their phone by their ears, and I also saw my sweet roomie with no shoes, calling for help.

I knew then my apartment was on fire. Shit. Big shit.

My roomie was so sad that I ran to her and took my arms around her and told her it was okay, that it was only stuff, only things and it was good she was out.
I looked around and saw one of my neighbors with something to stop the fire. But just opening the door to the entrance of the building .. There was too much smoke.

I ran back to My roomie who, still with no shoes, tried to get in touch with her mom and her boyfriend. With no luck. That was tougher for me to see that, than to know my things were on fire.

I gave her my jacket but she was so sad that she just sad down on the cold ground and I tried to put it around her.

Then I went out and the firefighters were already on their way. I just luckily live five minutes from the fire station.
When I saw them go into the building I just wanted to go with them…
But off course I just had to wait.
I asked several times if they would tell me as soon as the fire stopped.
Wauw the fireman on the street must have thought I was annoying….but I just really wanted to know everything about what happened.
From I heard my roomie on the street untill the fire stopped, 20 minutes had pasted…
When they opened the windows and all the smoke came out I knew the fire had stopped. But wow… All that smoke. Not good.

But I ran to the firefighter on the street and asked if he could get the computers out. I told him there was one Mac on the table in my room which had not caught fire, only smoke and two bags with a Mac and one laptop also in my room and then I knew my roomie had a Mac as well.

He gave the message in his walkie-talkie and after less than five minutes a firefighter came out with three bags and two Macs …and I started to cry….

An ambulance was also among all the big cars and trucks with water, and my roomie finally got some shoes from a friendly neighbor and she reached her boyfriend by phone who was on his way.

Then from that I do not remember that much myself other than I consistently asked the police man of permission to get into the apartment in order to get my agenda with all my work codes, my external hard disks, my passport and my personal papers.
And me weed… But I didn’t tell him that …

Oh and I grabbed my rollerblades on the way out as well… When he finally let me in…

From there I talked to all my neighbors and we just waited for the recovery company to check the building and let me close my doors with keys. From outside.

Luckily my friend Christina who had been there from the beginning had space enough at her house. So we went there, and I called my roomie to catch up on her safety. She was on the way with her boyfriend to his place .

I’ve learned something!

The people around me are so much more important than the things I’ve been buying and carrying around for years.

I’ve also learned, when I posted about my situation, that likes and comments on Facebook and Instagram gave me courage to stay strong and be cool about loosing my home for an indefinite period.

Because when big shit happens it is far from the material stuff that counts.

It is the human energy.

Thank you for reminding me!

Piece 4 love
Anna ❤

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From To day I do things differently

How many times did I say that to my self?
I mean. How many times did I say to my self I will not do that?
So from today.  Right now or even better..From the moment I wrote the title.

From now I do things differently.

I’ll do it tomorrow! Is dead.
I’ll do it later! Is even more dead.
I should! Is totally forbidden
(been forbidden since January )

I do things differently! Is totally working.
I am already Writing. And it is 1:13 am.

I should be sleeping.  But as written. Shuld is forbidden.

I do things differently from now.

I follow my heart.

Do you  follow your heart?

Piece 4 love


life hope

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To get over hope is possible

but of course it takes time.

Months, days, hours, minutes and certainly not to forget… seconds.

Seconds that can seems as months…or at least hours.

Waiting for a hope, only brings me short.

Going for a hope, is also about taking a risk.

Taking a risk, equals in worst case scenario failure or in awesome case scenario success. For both… I get experience.

Some people tells me that I learn more when I do something that gives me failure… but sometimes that fear of failure..

I believe you know what I mean…

all that thinking of all the possibilities of how I could get embarrassed, hurt, humiliated, and bla bla bla… that thinking sometimes stops me from actually following my heart and my hopes.

My hopes for life, future, feelings, love, friends and experiences.

How can I accomplish them with less fear of the outcome?

Or.. should I not try to accomplish them at all, in order to stay safe on status quo?

Would I by time get over the hopes for my life I have now, if I do not at all try to accomplish just a little?

Or would I in the end regret for all the things I did not do?

Asking people who have lived a long life… they would always answer:

Follow your heart and make your dreams come through.

It sounds so Walt Disney like, so dreamy and right. And still when I try to touch the words they get so fluffy and unreal.

But when I put the word hope on my hearts desire and on my dreams, it gets a little easier.

What do I hope for would happen in my life?

Then it gets easier for me to understand, that I have to work on and go for what I hope. And it gets easier for me to work on the hope… and thereby follow my heart and my dreams. Even if I get hurt or embarrassed. At least I tried…and learned…for next time…

What is your hope?

Piece 4 Love





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How I make soft when life is tough

At the moment life is a little rough:
Changes in my daily habbits which where not quite what I expected, has completely turned my life upside down.
But somehow it feels right and it makes me smile. And when I feel the tough rawness of life, I try to make things soft by making myself a cup of tea or creating timefor a footbath 💖

My job also makes it easier for me to deal with the changes.
And today it really made me realize that nature is one of the best healing methods when needing soft times in life. Today we where in the forest, a d it was lovely…
Nature is definitely the ultimate piece 4 love.






I’ll for sure go to the forest soon again.

The best

Piece 4 love

Thanks to Jade for taking the lovely pictures.


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I said it before to you – now I do it myself

Do what I can with what I got where I am.
What do I want to do now my life took a turnover?
Well to be honest I don’t know.
So I stick to what I have & what I know.


…hehe. The closet is far from what I got. But last time I was not sure about my life, I started out by cleaning my clothes, my accessories, my books & that really helped me out.
Tomorrow I start up a new project with two really clever ladies.The next six weeks I’ll be teaching a group of young people in how to find their inner talents and how to do something about these talents.
I am really excited and if you noticed my post from two days ago you’ll know that one of the thing I’ll show them is how to breath. Another thing I will tell them about is the two choices we as humans have.
I’ll tell you more about that in another post.
For now my choice is on how my own homely surroundings, can benefit myself in living the happy life that everyone should live.

These are my working books or they work for me now. The small note books  are for each customer I work for. That makes me happy. So I know I’ll keep them….


If you have a good tip on how to get back on track after a turnover, let me know.
Thanks for reading, liking & following . That makes me so happy… And you should see my reaction when I get a comment.

Remember you are your most important piece 4 love in life.


PS. If you are wondering why Marie is not sending her greetings, it is just because she is in New York.

Future New

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Happy New Year – What’s Next?

Happy New Year…


Sitting by my front door, ready to enter 2015.

Entering the new year is like opening a new door to a place I do not know how looks like yet.

Somethings I can decide myself how things should be, other things I have to deal with and learn how to get around.

This year my focus will be on traveling more and to become more social.

Piece 4 Love Happy new year

Happy new year Piece 4 Love

I hope you had a great new years eve, and that you are ready to embrace 2015 with splendid energy and lots of hope.

What are you hoping will happen in your life, and what will you work for?

And how can you make your dreams come through?

Whether your dreams are big or small, anything is possible.

Here you see a photo of how I get my best tips to make your dreams come through

Dreams Future


If you want detailed info about how to figure out what you dream of and how to start following your dreams join Piece 4 Love here

Piece 4 Love




ps. It is of course Marie the great photographer who took the pictures.