I like the small things. No I love them.

Yes. I do love he small things.
And I am talking about the small things in life and small material things that just make you feel welcome and taken care of.
The last three weeks I changed place of living three times.
From my own apartment. To a room in my friends house due to a fire in my apartment. And for the last week while being in Italy, I’ve been living in a new place. I have rented a room in a beautiful little house. A sweet lady has this extra room in which I enter feom the garden.
And this is where I really started to observe and feel the small things.
Here you see my new room.


And what I really loved about it when I stepped into the room the first time was the pillow on the bed.
The text on the pillow sais goodnight in Italian. Buona Notte.
Another small thing that really made me happy.. was the bathing suite that the sweet lady I rent the room from has made avaliable for me when I am here. It makes me happy every time I put it on.


The big thing about the small thing is that they really makes me feel good and creates positivity in my body and mind.

Last but not least. The sweet lady with beautiful name Donatella…makes this awesome coffee for me in the morning.   


This picture is from insta. .maybe you have seen it. If not you can find my profile on @call_edda 

Remember it is the small things. ❤

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Love is unconditional - do you love yourself?

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