It is important to celebrate

To celebrate is a really important thing in life –

Marie & I (the chicks behind piece 4 love) celebrated

the fact that…. (drums please)

We have more than 100 posts about

pieces 4 love
that make life beautiful & easy to live

& how 2

Look Good & Save the World

that is amazing.

We are so proud… and this is why we this time met up for

celebrating instead of working…

Well we did work a little bit.

Maria made a lovely lunch containing the famous Danish black bread

and eggs, cucumber, and some tomatoes.

We talked and chatted about nothing & everything.

Then we continued our celebration by

sorting out Marie’s remarkably big number of bags and purses.

Oh my love… she has many bags, suitcases and lovely purses.

Bags and purses

and we continued celebrating finding several pieces 4 love

A purse from Bridge, a clutch from DKNY, handmade leather bag,
BeckSondergaard and many others.

The celebration went on by opening Marie’s closet..

We found several cardigans with absolutely no life

We found dresses and shirts that were ready for being worn

but forgotten under other blouses & pants.

Since time ran out we did not manage to go through all Marie’s closet…

but we did manage to go through a lot:

This big bag is what we gonna give to charity:

clothing for charity

and the collection of big amount of purses & bags

are ready for another life with other people.

Because they are still valuable pieces 4 love.

We do believe in acting local is a first priority

which is why we’ll

find a flee market and sell the items there…


you see one bag or purse here
you really need, then hurry and join our

piece 4 love movement

not only will you receive news about

extremely lovely  handcrafted accessories and stuff for home

but we’ll also send you extremely valuable

tools 4 life,

Are you convinced to sign up if we tell you, that our advices are more than

a million time more worth than the device you use to read this blog…

Sign up here

Stay Good Looking by Saving the World just a little bit everyday

Maria & Anna

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