Look Good & Save the World

I realized it is possible. To look good & save the world at the same time.

For many years I couldn’t make my self buy all these products from the beauty companies, because I did not know exactly was what in them.

Words as parabenes, artificial additives, chlorofyl and so on. I mean some products have so many different ingredients, that I need education in chemistry and its impact on me and on nature. And my biggest concern is not what do the products makke to me and my skin, my biggest concern is the impact the products have on the nature. An example is the scrub products with plastic pearls… imagine to take a swim in the ocean meeting up with the plastic pearls you just scrubbed your face with,,,,

And even if the brand claimed it is organic, the rules of when to be organic are so limited to what organic is about, that I denied the existence of to many products.

Which had meant, that I for a long time has not used cure for the hair, scrub for my face, protection against the sun, even nail polished I maybe used 2-3 times a year.

But hello, life gets a little borrowing when not flashing my natural body with beuatiful colors.

I have used products from Jurlique, but still it comes all the way from Australia…how organic is that journey?

So for several years I have minimized my use of beauty products to almost nothing. My daily bdoy moisture would be either olive, argan or grape seed oil. And my wash of my hair I did with a shampoo from Trine’s wardrobe also with argan, and as organic as they claim.

But now I have figured out that a lot of people are making their own skincare, of products you also eat. Just like my use of the oil. Just the little detail, that they mix things together in order to create a skincare suited for their skin and body.

I love it.

And now I have my own fabulous home made hair’n body cure, with the touch of peppermint.

It smells so good that I feel like eating it… and I actually can.

For 4 days now, I have had the most soft hair and the nicest peppermint skin, which really makes me believe in the fact that, I can look good and save the the world at the same time.

More about that next time

Thanks for sharing with people who have the same thoughts about beauty and nature. It means a lot to me.

And by the way, do you agree or disagree? Is it possible to look good and save the world at the same time? And why do you think what you think ?

Tell me, I am eager to know.


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