Send more love

send more love

what is happening?

why is a 17 year old guy bullied to suicide



If you ever feel bullied or bad, turn your head to

other places

other people

Turn your thoughts into happy thoughts, by

either imagining  beautiful pictures or words in your mind.

Think, feel, breath love. Even if it is difficult, try to think “love”.


Do it right now!

Do you feel it?


It makes you feel more confident, and safe.

Which make you take better choices of what to do in life,

to make yourself surrounded by people, surroundings and

experience that help you grow as the person you are, and

make you fulfill your inner dream.

I still forget to send love, when I get bad thoughts and memories

about my past, and unlucky experiences.

This creates unnecessary bad communication between

me and my loved ones, which makes me feel bad…

But instead of keeping being sad and feeling bad,

I should send more love and remember to be glad…


And so do you, and remember to stay true to yourself,

the most important thing in life is you in a
great exchange with the people who love and cherish you

Piece 4 Love


Please send this to everybody you know,
you never know if somebody actually need it
maybe you save their life

follow me on twitter og insta…. if you would like to get more love

press the picture, and watch my video about why you should love yourself

send more love




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Love is unconditional - do you love yourself?

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