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What has Live Your Life to do with fashion?

Well; fashion makes you live your life; if you like fashion. I do like fashion and a lot of its attributes, but I also know that if you do not like fashion then it is something else that makes you live your life. Your job, your school, your family, sports or a fourth thing. It is not necessarily something that you buy that makes you happy. Because buying things only give a feeling of short satisfaction. It is the experiences you make in life that create the feeling of long satisfaction, and it is up to you to create these experiences with the things that make you smile.

If you do not know what makes you live your life; then go back in your memory and think about the things that once made you smile.

Another tip is to do something about the things that does not make you smile.

I get so much inspiration to be happy everyday from this poster made from a person who just knows about being happy and satisfied: Karin Krogh. A Danish businesswoman with the highest expertise in how to make your audience listen and act upon your performance. Furthermore in collaboration with an artist she created the Happiness Model. Use it everyday. It is a piece 4 love in your life.

Idea: Karin Krogh
Painting: Susan Lüth Hedegaard

Anna Calledda, Piece  4 Love


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