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I’m a Girl from Copenhagen and I’m a Fashion Weak

I admit it. I’m the type of person who melts for fashion items. Some people think I’m crazy when I with a big smile on my face stop them and ask them where they bought their shirt or if I on bike quick am able tell them how good they look with these shoes. Imagine the tight up business guy’s face when I tell him: ”sorry, don’t get scared sir, I’m a fashion weak and I really love your bag, can I have a closer look ?=)”

This is happening a few times a year that I surprise people in CPH because they have some special feature of accessory or style and this is why I always look forward to Copenhagen Fashion Week.

It is such a pleisure as a Copenhagen citizen to enjoy the living moments of the fashion week when good looking models, busy fotografers and original designers are providing new vibes to the central city. And not to mention all us bloggers. One big creative mixture of beauty.

During Fashion Week everything is so much more colorfull and full of life that I could scream out from each of Copenhagen’s many towers: ”You all look amazing – I love you all – I’m a fashion weak,”

With fashion Love and weak knees

Anna Calledda , Piece 4 Love

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