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And Tada… My new project (almost)

It is not so new, that I sell handmade accessories on my shop.

But it is new for me to write about

my talent of reading horoscopes and tarot cards.

So what is going to happen, and which makes part of my new project,

is that in order to show my skills

I am going to give away wisdom about life you wished you had before..

… when you provide yourself with a piece 4 love from my shop.


I cannot give away all of it in once,

and I also have limited of products on my shop.

Which of course create some limitations.


But limitations are good, because

they help us keeping focused and taking faster action.


The focus of my first part of this project is to give you wisdom about you.

Because when you know more about yourself,

it is easier for you to understandΒ and love yourself.


Understanding yourself – helps you to love yourself – helps you

being a happy person who is able to make your dreams come true.

So from today and until the 7th of July you get introduced to how

to get to know yourself better,

when you provide yourself one of the products from piece 4 love.


I give you the most important wisdom about how to learn more about

your personality and skills from not only the Astrology and the Tarot,

but I give you everything I find useful on our journey to creating a life

you love. Which include understanding yourself, because as I wrote above,

Understanding yourself makes it easier to loving yourself.



Normally I only have handmade accessories, but a friend who is

working in the clothing industries thought my idea was so great, that

he almost gave me all of his samples from his showroom.

You find everything in the shop.

So… from today until the 7th of July – remember:

You also get wisdom about how to get to know yourself better.

If you want to know more, don’t hesitate,

just write: anna@calledda.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as i can.


With Love