Mini Action Moon


Mini Action Moon,

Mini painting of the Moon and Mars next to each other.

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This mini art painting is a rare constellation, I don’t even know when/if it has happened, but here you see a painting of the moon and Mars next to one another.

The moon represents the hidden side of your (not necessarily a dark side), the moon is characterised by the soft values.

Mars on the contrary is the Male planet representing the hard values and reminds you of the actions you are taking and want to take.

This painting encourages you to remember you hidden side because this is where you find your way to act.


The mini painting is 5 cm width and 7 cm high. it is delivered with an easel in order for you to be able to place it on a shelf or other.

Often sold to people with small walls and busy people who travel a lot.

You can take the painting with you and thereby always feel at home and remember the message of the painting.

When you buy an item from Piece 4 Love, you also get one month access to my closed Facebook Group:

Go With the Flow, be happy and glow – no matter what happens life.

The link for the group will come within 24 hours after you decided to get the painting.


The price is included shipping. I decide according to your delivery address how to deliver the painting the best way. Within 14 days (normally before) you’ll receive the painting. I let you know how and when it is delivered.


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