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About Piece 4 Love

The Concept:

The first thing people ask me, is what does Piece 4 Love means…

A Piece 4 Love means :

A thing, a person, an event or knowledge – that in its unique form makes your life more beautiful & easier to live…

You are your own most important piece 4 love, there is only one of you!

And you are in the end the one who decides how your life is beautiful & easy to live.


Piece 4 Love embraces products with a responsible supply-chain,

handmade or second hand. This shows respect for

the past, the present, the future consumerism – and yourself.

Why did I came up with the Idea?

Piece 4 Love is created by me in 2012, the focus of the blog at that moment was responsible fashion. I wanted to inspire and get inspired to be more responsible when buying accessories and clothes.

But then suddenly I realised myself the hard way, that I did not get happier the more shoes I had, not even if they were made in responsible manners.

I realised that I am a happier person when I do what is right for me and when I have the things in life that helps me make my life easier.

And then my blog changed because my life changed. And I started to write more about life. Still as a hobby.

It took some years to learn how to practice doing what is right for me and how to only have things in my life that I use. This I call Art of Life. Read more here.

What’s gonna happen Next, What’s in it for You?

The last 4 years Piece 4 Love has been a hobby. This year my intention is different. I have my shop with products and my knowledge. And I do more about it. Everyday I take new steps to spread knowledge to people who wants to be inspired about slow fashion, slow style, slow stuff.

I believe that the better story a product have, the better I take of the product. Which is why my products on piece4love.tictail.com now consist of more than the product you buy.

I make accessories of left over jewellery and other accessories. And each piece is given a mantra. That you can use or give to another, and with the piece you inspire yourself or others to make life more beautiful and easier to live.


Furthermore you can now also find my favourite programs that helps you to either Follow Your Heart or to Find Your Talents & Use Them. This knowledge about life you can use in any situation to make your life more beautiful and easy to live.

The products that are not made by me are in my opinion products with a responsible story. When you buy one of these products you support a social entrepreneur helping them taking action for responsible consumerism.

How do I Do?

Basically I find left over jewellery or people donate pieces they do not use anymore.

If a piece is in a loveable condition I sell it as it is.

If not I develop new products from the leftovers. I write down their story and provide them a mantra with energy to follow the person who is using it.

Check out my unique items  in the boutique.

Or join the universe of life, style & stuff by clicking the heart:


Piece 4 Love

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