piece 4 love

Take care of yourself and the planet

About Piece 4 Love


A Piece 4 Love is a thing, a piece of music, a person or anything that in its unique form helps you to be proud of your life.

Piece 4 Love is for you who love genuine content and conscious shopping.

You’ll find content about life and stuff that helps make you proud of your life.

You’ll find my recycled left over accessories and other handmade pieces.


Piece 4 Love By Anna

With every Piece 4 Love Charm or Jewellery made by Anna comes a unique mantra with the goal providing you power to love and be proud of who are you are.

All accessories By Anna are made of leftover accessories, unless else is stated.

All charms are combined by me Anna Ulrike Calledda, unless else is stated.

When you buy a Piece 4 Love you not only get a responsible piece of charm, you also get strength and moral support to be proud of you and the life you’re living.

Feel free to join my journey for a life to be proud of and conscious consuming.

Find your unique message in the charm that fits you.



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