Live Life

How to live life is too big to answer with one life.

And we believe the answers are different for every person here on earth.


You and we are human beings, and we need

– air

– food

– water

– sleep

– safety

– love

So in order to live – you first of all need this in its place.

Meaning that

when these things are

in control and in balance

it is easier building your own life;

in other mathers like

career, relationships, house, transport and so on.

It is easier to spend time

on what you love

when you are capable of doing it

because of a good health and good healthy relationships.

And why is air the first we mention?

Because breathing is number one. When breathing you are in control.

Then… secondly no matter how big your dream is and how little your ressources are,,,

always start with your context:

– What do you have

– Where are you

– Where do you want to go

– Who can help you?

Thirdly, put your big dream into small pieces

and take small steps everyday towards the big dream.

Just do it, if you need us next to you,

Piece 4 Love

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