Art of Life

I see life as art and art as life.

I compare art to how each person decide to create their life.

Every decision I or you make becomes an art of our lives.


I believe that when you are a happy person, your life is naturally beautiful and easy to live.

It took me many years to figure out that I am the most important person in my life.

I am the one responsible for being happy and doing the things I like to do.

I knew that, and I was happy, but I forgot that other people’s happiness is not my responsibility.

The moment I started taking responsibility of my life myself, my life got so much more beautiful.

It will always be up to oneself to take responsibility in the way it is possible.

And I believe the way of how to do it is different for every person here on earth.


You and we are human beings, and we need

– air

– food

– water

– sleep

– safety

– love (first love yourself)

So in order to live – you first of all need this in its place. Meaning that when these things are

in control and in balance it is easier building your own life; in other mathers like career, relationships, house, transport and so on. It is easier to spend time on what you love when you are capable of doing it

because of a good health and good healthy relationships.

And why is air the first we mention?

Because breathing is number one. When breathing you are in control.

Then… secondly no matter how big your dream is and how little your ressources are,,,

always start with your context:

– What do you have

– Where are you

– Where do you want to go

– Who can help you?

Thirdly, put your big dream into small pieces

and take small steps everyday towards the big dream.

In order to be able to take a decision about what you want in your life – you have to love yourself.

Loving yourself makes it easier for you to prioritise who you want to be with, what you want to do, what you want to buy.

Be Your Own Best Friend

Being your own best friend means that you will always be there for yourself, in good times and bad times.

You will always be able to judge any situation to your own best, and you will always be able to celebrate the good things in life, and correct the mistake you make in your life.

Being your own best friend enables you to help you self being better at living your life, because your best friend (yourself) will be able to reflect and analyze upon your dreams and your actions. Being your own best friend makes your life more beautiful and easier to live, since it gets easier to chose wisely in your daily life.

You become your own best friend by listening to your inner first feeling, by acting upon that one, and if it does not work, correct your action. Being your own best friend also means to support yourself, as you would support your own best friend by being  constructive, giving new suggestions for new solutions, cheering up when something goes wrong.

You are also your own best friend, when you look forward to be alone with yourself. Spending time with yourself is a good thing to be able to do. You are waking up and you are going to bed with yourself the rest of your life.

Love yourself is the most important piece 4 love you can use in your daily life.

When you love yourself, you get more confidence, it’s easy to be your own best friend

and it will be easier to avoid limiting factors, because it gets easier to notice and decide what is good for you.

You love yourself by loving the way you are, enjoying the good things you do, and learning from the things you could do better.

You can start by looking into a mirror telling yourself with a loud voice:

I love you!

Remember to look yourself into your eyes.

It seems very awkward the first time, but try to focus on the feeling that you get inside your body  after you have told your self: I love you.

The feeling you get has something to do with the positive meaning of the words I love you, and that particular feeling helps you make your life more beautiful and easier to live.

Piece 4 Love


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