Who you are – is so much more and greater than the abuse you survived

The other day I scrolled too much, but then somehow I wrote this sentence down, and I am so sorry I can’t quote the person, because I litterally dont remember where it came from. These words hit me like a hurrycane of love. I felt potential, I felt love, I felt Peace. Something Ive been…

What happens during and after crisis when you start healing?

I didnt know I had to heal my feelings before jumping into adulthood. After blogging about fashion and life empowerment, I myself landed in a big crisis… I realised I kept jumping into relationships where I wasn’t seen. I was in a big crisis because I could see what happened and I didnt know what…

Consistency was my weakness

One of my toughest struggles in life has been consistency. In some ways I can be really consistent but then in other ways I totally lose it. Now I am restarting my life from scratch. I lower my expectations but want to be consistent. Being bullied has many consequences and for many years I thought…


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